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DomainPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.au$11.61 $11.6$24.4
.com.au$11.61 $11.6$24.1
.net.au$11.61 $11.6$26.2
.id.au$11.61 $11.6$27.8
.org.au$11.61 $11.6$106.5
.asn.au$11.61 $11.6$21.1
.xyz$24.41 $24.4$22.0
.org$24.11 $24.1$39.4
.net$26.21 $26.2$73.2
.me$27.81 $27.8$60.1
.io$106.51 $106.5$73.2
.com$21.11 $21.1$137.9
.business$22.01 $22.0$4724.8
.kiwi$39.41 $39.4$29.0
.melbourne$73.21 $73.2$48.2
.world$60.11 $60.1$60.1
.sydney$73.21 $73.2$22.0
.global$137.91 $137.9$36.3
.country$4724.81 $4724.8$60.1
.app$29.01 $29.0$99.7
.blog$48.21 $48.2$64.4
.chat$60.11 $60.1$67.1
.click$22.01 $22.0$48.2
.cloud$36.31 $36.3$45.5
.computer$60.11 $60.1$154.3
.codes$99.71 $99.7$709.4
.digital$64.41 $64.4$51.6
.domains$67.11 $67.1$60.1
.download$48.21 $48.2$60.1
.email$45.51 $45.5$60.1
.host$154.31 $154.3$50.3
.hosting$709.41 $709.4$95.5
.network$51.61 $51.6$48.2
.online$60.11 $60.1$60.1
.site$60.11 $60.1$60.1
.software$60.11 $60.1$60.1
.systems$50.31 $50.3$36.3
.tech$95.51 $95.5$48.2
.technology$48.21 $48.2$50.3
.fail$60.11 $60.1$31.4
.cool$60.11 $60.1$48.2
.fun$60.11 $60.1$36.3
.fyi$36.31 $36.3$470.6
.lol$48.21 $48.2$60.1
.ninja$50.31 $50.3$55.2
.one$31.41 $31.4$52.5
.ooo$48.21 $48.2$28.1
.rip$36.31 $36.3$24.4
.sucks$470.61 $470.6$28.1
.zone$60.11 $60.1$28.1
.wtf$55.21 $55.2$28.1
.co$52.51 $52.5$28.1
.co.nz$28.11 $28.1$48.2
.dev$24.41 $24.4$45.5
.geek.nz$28.11 $28.1$47.3
.net.nz$28.11 $28.1$178.1
.nz$28.11 $28.1$45.6
.org.nz$28.11 $28.1$
.space$48.21 $48.2$
.wiki$45.51 $45.5$
.ws$47.31 $47.3$
.xxx$178.11 $178.1$
.live$45.61 $45.6$

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